Welcome to the VHF / UHF / SHF contest rules for 2022. We haven't made a large number to changes to the rules for this year, and the committee all look forward to seeing many of you in the contests this coming year.


Andy Cook, G4PIQ

Chair RSGB VHF Contest Committee


  We have introduced a 70cm FT8 Activity Contest co-ordinated with the last 2 hours of a European event on the 2nd Wednesday evening of the month

  We have changed the date for the 24 hour MGM contest to line up as near as possible with the peak of the Lyrids Meteor Shower. It will take place on 23/24 th April 2022

  We have shortened the 2m Low Power contests to run from 1400 - 1800

  We have removed the restriction that limited sharing of a station to family members only

  We have removed the option to use slot-fed yagis in all Restricted / Low Power sections for consistency

  We have increased the maximum antenna height for the 5W section of the Backpackers contests to 6m to allow for easier compliance with the ICNIRP regulations.

  We've added a rule to clarify that there can only be a single entry to a particular contest from an individual operator (single operator sections), or from a group of operators (multi-operator sections).

  We've added a rule that entrants must use their highest available licence class - except in the calendar year in which they upgrade their licence class. This is to prevent experienced stations gaming the awards aimed at less experienced operators.

  In the UKAC Club competitions, stations cannot change the club for which they enter after the June contests, unless they have moved home and out of the area of a local club for which they previously entered. This is to prevent gaming of the UKAC club championship towards the end of the year.